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Vectric Trial Software

I originally started writing this text as a script for the attached video. However, I think the information is more useful in written form. The video concentrates on a simple CNC project in the design software. Hopefully it will inspire you to try out the software and tutorials we talk about further down the page.

Let me start with a word of appreciation for those of you who patiently dealt with the process of consolidating our mailing list with Aweber. Companies like Aweber are strong in their stand against spam and I support them all the way. It just causes a few hassles initially. We appreciate you all in your response to keep abreast of the launch of the YAS CNC router.

I owned a SlabMaster for many years. Great machine! I also spend a lot of time in Keith’s workshop even lending a hand now and again. I know first hand the creativity and quality that Keith builds into his machines.

I even live in hopes that one day we’ll keep a Torque Work Centre in the workshop long enough to do the series of training videos we’ve been planning for who knows how long. Trouble is the Torques are out the door as fast as we can assemble them.

However, today it’s all about the CNC router. CNC? Computer Numerical Control. Easy.

CNC Software
Our topic for today is CNC software.

1. for design
2. to produce CNC toolpaths.

We’ll leave the software that takes the toolpaths and drives the CNC router for another video.

Why Vectric?
The software we recommend for a CNC router comes from a British software company called Vectric. It’s one of many but in our experience, it’s a great product that we use in our CNC projects.

Let me be up-front. YAS Engineering has negotiated a license to sell the Vectric software on a re-seller basis. Part of the agreement is that we maintain their set retail prices, as do other vendors. Our only hassle is the Aussie dollar and GST but that’s life.

Although we recommend the Vectric software, the choice is yours. When you purchase the Vectric software through YAS Engineering it does help with our bottom line. We would encourage you to purchase through our shopping cart when it is ready. Keep in mind that our tutorials and training will be based on the Vectric software.

Initially we planned to include the Vectric VCarvePro software as standard with the YAS CNC router. But then we realised that some of you may already have suitable software or that some of you would prefer to upgrade to the Vectric Aspire software. In the end we decided to accommodate everybody as best we can and keep the software separate from the hardware.

Vectric has five different software packages and they have a free trial download for each. The only thing missing from the trial versions is that you cannot save the toolpaths, except for the few sample projects that are included.

In addition, the free turorials for each package are excellent for beginners and experienced users alike.

Free Trial Software from Vectric
Use this link above download the free trial versions of the Vectric software and to access the tutorials.

Aspire is the top level program. Aspire includes all the functionality in VCarvePro and Cut2D.

VCarvePro includes all the functionality available in Cut2D.

PhotoVCarve and Cut3D each have functionality not found in the other products.

We will be adding the Vectric software to our shopping cart shortly. In the meantime, we encourage you to download the trial version(s) of your choice, play around with them, go through the tutorials and get hands-on with the world of CNC routing. You’ll very quickly come to know the software like the back of your hand.

CNC routing is a great hobby and there’s no end to the variety of projects that will challenge your skills. We haven’t even started discussing a full-time or part-time business with a YAS CNC router. Worth thinking about!
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