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The Torque Work Centre In Action

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The only way to fully appreciate the incredible versatility of the Torque Work Centre from Yas Engineering is to use it. The videos that follow on this page were made by a YAS Engineering client from Stu's Shed. Stuart is not only a keen woodworker but he enjoys making videos and so we are privileged to have a set of videos of the Torque Work Centre operating in a real-life woodworker's shed.

Each video is a step by step walk-through of one unique practical woodworking process. When you see the Torque Work Centre in action, your imagination will run riot, suggesting innovative ways the machine can be put to use in your own workshop. In other words, these videos will stimulate ideas and practical ways in which the machine can be used to save time and money, whether you are a hobby craftsman, builder, home renovator or woodworking is your full-time business.

A. Stopped Dados

B. Copying and Sign Writing

C. Tools and Attachments

D. Cross Cutting and Ripping

E. Cutting Circles

F. Cutting Patterns

G. Pattern Copying: Kangaroo

H. Orbital Sanding

I. Degrees of Freedom

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