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Over the years Selective Engineering Pty Ltd (YAS Engineering Pty Ltd) has sold Torque Work Centres, SlabMasters and RouterMasters to a variety of countries world wide.

Some of these machines are owned by private hobbyists, others are installed in commercial enterprises.

If you own one of our machines and would like to list your location on this map, please contact us so you can be included on the map. You can use the "Client Map Support Details" form to send us your details.

Client Map Support Details

Why would you want to do this?

In a nutshell people often come by slabs of timber they want surfaced or they have other jobs that would be well suited to the machine in your workshop.

People need to know where you are.

We want to use this map to help support anybody who wants to earn some extra cash from their investment.

Client Map Support Details

Attaching a sanding disc to a router
Torque Work Centre surfacing a timber slab
Torque Work Centre surfacing a timber slab

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