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Torque Work Centre - Versatile Power Tools

SlabMaster - For Surfacing Timber Slabs 

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Discover Torque Work Centre Magic

Just 5 minutes of your valuable time is all it takes to watch the Torque Work Centre video.

This is the woodworker's dream. The video will set your imagination alive with the possibilities.

You may want to talk about the length of the workbench, the length of the horizontal arm or the number of heads on the system. We're here to help.

If you have any questions about the TWC please use the Contact Form below or phone us on +61 421 454 921. We'd love to hear from you!
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Keith with SlabMaster Maleny Wood Show
Enjoy the SlabMasterGallery and experience the SlabMaster in action with images and videos.
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Harnessing the SlabMaster Power

There is no better machine for surfacing timber slabs from rough-cut surfaces down to the finest sanding grits. 

We have workshops actually surfacing stone!

SlabMasters, like all Selective Engineering machines are not just off-the-shelf products. Each machine is custom made to reflect the needs of our customers within the parameters described for these tools.
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YAS Engineering Torque Work Centre

Torque Work Centre 

Many workshops in Australia and overseas now use the Torque Work Centre as the hub of their operations. 

A variety of power tools can easily be fitted to the uniquely designed attachments. 

As a result, a number of the woodworking machines in the typical workshop are made obsolete.

Dramatically improve your production times and efficiency and reduce costs.

Maintain your competitive edge.
YAS Engineering RouterMaster


Add power tools for routing, sawing, drilling, copying, planing, slabbing, sanding and more ....

Built Tough

Design is focused on strength, stability and rigidity. Built tough for a long life.

Operator Safety 

Warning: Ultimately safety is in the hands of the operator. Use power tools with full regard to safety procedures.

The Torque Work Centre and the Slabmaster help separate the operator from the power tools which adds to operator safety.
YAS Engineering SlabMaster


As with the TWC, the SlabMaster is manufactured in-house which guarantees that top quality standards are maintained from the original concept to the finished product.

The 200 mm cutting head of the SlabMaster is ideal for surfacing large slabs of timber or other materials.

However, the SlabMaster also has a plate on the gantry with the same attachment mechanism of the TWC. 

This means that a variety of power tools can also be attached to the SlabMaster for a variety of purposes. 

Welcome to Selective Engineering Pty Ltd.

What Keith started as a small family business has of necessity grown into a larger family business. 

YAS Engineering Pty Ltd has evolved.

Now trading as Selective Engineering Pty Ltd and with the backing of the next generation we are looking to an exciting future in woodworking innovation. 

Much to his delight, Keith is now free to devote more of his talented creative skills to design.
For those who have known and supported Keith over the years you will enjoy reading this brief overview in the Blog.
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Keith is again in the designing phase of a revolutionary new machine for everyday people. We are forging new partnerships and looking at taking this entire business to new heights.

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