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What About a Double Header?

A number of our customers have put a second carriage unit on their Torque Work Centre. This is for speed and convenience, particularly when two different power tools do all or most of the work. It simply saves time changing tools and attachments which can be significant cost-wise in a commercial situation.

One unit is simply pushed to one end while the other unit is in operation. It is suggested that the 3.5 metre base is best for this setup to give ample bench space. A total of approximately 800mm is lost in effective table length with the two carriage units installed .

Why Purchase A Torque Work Centre?

The Torque Work Centre transforms your hand held power tools into versatile wood-working machines.

Whether it is a hobby shed or a production workshop the Torque Work Centre quickly becomes an indispensable item.

Safety is greatly increased as both power tools and the work materials are secured during operation.

The versatility of the Torque Work Centre makes it a very cost effective way to increase the capabilities of your workshop.

A defining feature of the Torque Work Centre is its unique plunge system. A one-handed operation allows you to lower and raise, lock and unlock and set the depth of the cutter effortlessly. This makes for super-fast set ups and eliminates fiddly adjustments normally associated with table mounted routers.

Rolling Carriage Features

>>  Single or dual head carriage

>>  Adjustable and lockable castor feet for levelling and stabilizing the machine

>>  360° rotation of Vertical and outfeed shafts

>>  90° rotation of plunge system

>>  Overhead pin routing accessory included standard

>>  Solid framework to support almost any power tool

>>  Can be easily moved

>>  X/Y/Z axis stops provided for greater productivity, repeatability and consistency

>>  Limited only by your imagination

>>  Earlier RouterMasters and Fixed Base Torque Work Centres can be upgraded to the rolling carriage Torque Work Centre

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