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T&G T-Track per Metre


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Torque Work Centre T&G T-Track Extrusion

The price of the T&G Extrusion is per metre.

The new Tongue & Groove T Track system is another great innovation in the Torque Work Centre range.

This system increases efficiency by allowing the operator to slide a range of clamps and stops anywhere along the workbench. Quickly position your workpiece against the stop set then lock down using your desired clamps. Repeating of trenching, stopped daddos, mouldings, mortise & tenon’s, etc couldn’t be easier then using this system in conjunction with the Torque Work Centre.

The cleverly designed extrusion clips into a groove routed in the side of your sheets joining them together to make the complete table top. This provides added strength over traditional T track as you are no longer relying on screws to hold your track in position.

This extrusion can also be very useful when incorporated in other items around the workshop such as workbenches, home-made jigs and wall shelving.

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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 60 × 4 × 2 cm

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