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CNC Review From Mark Paneros

YAS Engineering CNC RouterYAS Engineering CNC RouterYAS Engineering CNC RouterYAS Engineering CNC Router
Mark Paneros has sent us this review about his CNC router. Thank you Mark for your willingness to share your story and we are delighted that the CNC has served you so well in your business.

20th May 2014

MBKS Group Pty Ltd
Breathable Air Specialists
Dry Creek, SA. 5094

Keith, it has been quite a while since I purchased my CNC router/engraver from YAS and to be frank, it has been one of my best purchases. It has put me in a position where I no longer rely on outside contracted work for my control system fascia panels.

Your telephone support in the initial stages following purchase was extremely valuable and helped me come to grips with the basics of CNC, as well as the software that drives the system. It is quite easy to use, even for a novice and I find I use the software, not just for programming engraving and profiling tool paths, but for other drawing and sketching purposes which I export to AutoCAD for plotting.

The machine is robust and I expect it will outlive my working life.

I have removed some panels from the cabinet and top structure because it suits my purpose better and I have also installed a 25 mm thick aluminium sacrificial bed. There is no real need for the thick aluminium bed because the table is sturdy enough on its own but the aluminium plate was at hand and it has turned out well.

We chose to use a small Makita Laminate Trimmer rather than a larger spindle because our work is primarily aluminium and non-ferrous materials, as well as wood and plastics, and comprises relatively fine engraving and profiling. It runs through a speed controller and it is just the ticket.

While the machine does not work every day of the week, it has paid for itself over and over again.

In short, this machine (one of your first units) has given me trouble free running for 5 years and I could not be happier with it.

Mark Paneros
MBKS Group Pty Ltd
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