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Height Chart

It all started out as a motley piece of red cedar but the slab cleaned up quite nicely even though the borers had been busy some time back in the sap wood. The 55 mm surfacing bit on the Torque Work Centre did most of the surfacing work with the Makita router attached.

On the CNC router, the 90 degree VCarve bit worked well for the vertical and horizontal lines for the chart - and the numbers. The 100 mm markers and the vertical line were 6.0 mm wide rectangle vectors. The 25 mm lines were 4.0 mm wide.

We started the scale at 50 cm and went up to 180 cm which means we could do the job in two stages. We are effectively getting a bit over 700 mm on the Y-axis at the moment.

I'm finding double-sided carpet tape very useful for this type of job. I used it to position the red cedar slab on an MDF backing board with a good straight edge. All I had to do then was to sync the line I wanted on the red cedar with the Y-axis travel and lock the backing board against a couple of cleats.

For stage 2 it was just a matter of sliding the backing board against the cleats to keep the line. Finding the new x:y, 0:0 was the trick - for me anyway. I thought I had it right the first time but fortunately, I had decided it was best to create a 3.0 mm circle as a toolpath to position the 130 cm line intersection with the vertical line. I was about 10 mm out but got it right second go.

This job was done for a client of Rod Jones of Driftwoods Unique Gifts near Ettamogah Pub for those who know the Sunshine Coast area. Problem is that Rod's daughter saw it and fell in love with it. We managed to find another piece of red cedar for Rod's client.

I'm hoping to get some pictures of the finished article which I'll share here on our blog. The red cedar will come up well with a bit of polish to bring out the grain.
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