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Clash of the Groms Trophies

YAS Engineering Clash of the Groms Trophy
Yes, there's another story behind the trophies for the Mudjimba Board Riders.

Max works next-door to the YAS Engineering workshop and asked us to engrave the aluminium insignia for the belt trophies, the Clash of the Groms.
YAS Engineering CNC Router
I'm still only a learner when it comes to CNC routing so carving in aluminium was a challenge. Fortunately, Keith was on hand to give advice.

I used Vectric Aspire 4.5 for the 2.5D design work. The more I use the Vectric software the more I like it and the easier it becomes to use.
Groms in Aluminium YAS Engineering CNC Router
Except for the final cutout, all of the carving was done with a 60 degree V-carve bit. We used a 4.0 mm piece of aluminium and the pocketing was done to a depth of o.6 mm with a stepover of 0.1 mm. We kept the cutting surface lubricated from a spray can of canola oil.
Groms in Aluminium 2 YAS Engineering CNC Router
Since completing this job, we have done further research on CNC routing with aluminium. We will be sourcing an attachment device designed for aluminium and other metals. It sprays a jet of air and water to keep the surface cool and to blow away the metal chips as the cut is made. This also helps to protect the sharpness of the bit which is important.
Groms in Wood YAS Engineering CNC Router
Max had the task of polishing the aluminium and then he painted the pockets and text in black to highlight the images. The result was a trophy that was very popular at the presentation.

By the way, we did a test run on ply before carving the aluminium. Not a bad way to go when you're trying new projects.
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