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Alexandra Hills Men's Shed

Alexandra Hills Men's Shed
Congratulations to the Alexandra Hills Men's Shed team for a job well done. Under the leadership of their president, Matt Stevenson, the team have been busy for many months bringing the building up to scratch. Leased from the Redlands Shire Council, the old run-down building has been transformed into a functional Men's Shed. The building now satisfies council regulations and the members are beginning to make the most of their shed. At last count there were 71 registered members and counting.
Matt, his right-hand-man and the all-important kitchen area

Recently, Matt invited the YAS Engineering team, Keith and Ray, to the Alexandra Hills shed to discuss Torque Work Centres and their role in Men's Sheds and the Alexandra Hills shed in particular. We want to express our thanks to Matt for this opportunity. I must say that we came away with a valuable insight into the important role that Men's Sheds are filling in the community.

Matt and his right-hand-man were busy discussing some innovative ideas for the all-important kitchen area.
A cuppa and a yarn mixed with a bit of saw-dust.
The genius of the whole concept of Men's Sheds was apparent from the moment we walked into the newly renovated building. Of course, wood-working tools and machinery are a given in any shed. However, the importance of the kitchen facilities and the coffee/tea dispenser can't be overlooked. It means mateship and a place to simply relax and have a good yarn in the true Aussie tradition.
The access ramp YAS Engineering
One of the significant aspects of the Alexandra Hills Men's Shed is the emphasis on disabled facilities. The wide access ramp is ideal for wheel-chair access. If you're wondering why the ramp is so wide, it doubles as an access point for machinery. What all this means in practice is that the members of the shed will involve themselves in providing training and support for special needs groups in the community.
What's a bit of rain in a great bush setting?
Matt and Keith discussing the Men's Shed in the rain!
For those who are interested, there's a website.

Click to access the Alexandra Hill Men's Shed website

At the rate this shed's growing in the Alexandra Hills area, one has to wonder if they may soon have to spawn another shed. And that's a good thing because every man needs a shed.
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